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What makes us different from other management companies? Through unparalleled service, constant dedication and exceptional industry knowledge we work tirelessly every day to give our property owners piece of mind.
We believe that if we treat your properties as if they were our own, your investments will thrive; this philosophy enables us to provide the kind of service that we have become known for in the industry.
Our clients trust that every aspect of their property, from appliance repair and grass cutting to tenant screening and vacancy rebates, will be dealt with quickly and effectively, just like it does at our homes.
Our dedication is relentless; our office team of real estate and property management professionals and our network of consultants work together to manage every aspect of the properties, but they also work to constantly improve the way we do it so that our owners can reach their investment goals.
Each account is set up and treated as its own entity to ensure transparency and efficiency.
The exceptional knowledge that we have matured in the almost twenty years that we have operated in the real estate industry gives us a solid understanding of the industry’s landscape with its challenges and opportunities, allows us to provide our customers with strategic Property Investment advice that is also practical and helps us prevent complications before they occur.
Our goal is to give our owners piece of mind every step of the way.

To provide our property owners with unsurpassed service and the peace of mind that comes from knowing we treat their properties as if they were our own.


To continuously grow RCI Inc. and become one of Canada’s leading property management companies by offering our owners unparalleled service, constant dedication and exceptional industry knowledge.

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